July 2010 Ė My wife and I were by the swimming pool at our condominium complex while vacationing in Princeville, Kauai Island, when we met Rachelle and her mother. With momís consent, this sweet little angel agreed to model her unique, size 8 feet for our project.

All these years that I have been photographing and researching feet, one of the most prevalent conditions I have observed, especially in teenagers, is the presence of foot warts, which are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). They often go unnoticed because they donít always carry obvious symptoms. In Rachelleís case, they are hiding between her toes, cannot be seen easily, and probably do not cause much physical discomfort to be noticed by her. Warts can be present and active for a long time without being suspected and detected, and they can spread around as seen in these photos.

I hope Rachelle can pay a visit to her dermatologist sometime soon. Getting rid of skin warts these days is as easy as freezing them with a little squirt of liquid nitrogen (temperature -195 C) and it takes only a few short seconds. There are also other medications and remedies to consider. Hereís more information for those who are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus