Ever since I was a little child I remember that I always noticed people's feet! I didn't exactly know why I was drawn to the lowest extremities of the human body. I must have been born with it. Later, I learned that this is actually a genetic trait that runs in some members of my family--really!  You can think of it as our "non-sexual orientation!"  To me, as a child, there was nothing unusual about noticing feet. I just happened to look for them and take furtive glimpses of them. I especially noticed ladies feet because they were often pedicured and/or adorned with jewelry and beautiful shoes. As I grew older, I actually became fascinated by how everyone's feet differed from one another, and that our feet could be a genetic pattern in need of further research. Maybe I should have become a podiatrist, but instead I obtained a Ph.D. degree in another area of science unrelated to podiatric medicine. I am happily married to an intelligent, beautiful, thoughtful, wise woman; a master teacher who not only understands my fascination with feet, but she also allows me to indulge in my interest without overreacting or becoming jealous. Although she doesn't share this interest with me so intensely, she knows that it is harmless and not a way to meet strangers. I love my wife immensely and am grateful to her for being so open minded and accepting.  Both she and our daughter have modeled their feet for this website.

You should think of me as that + part of LGBTQ+. Just because someone doesn't fall into the category of what's "right" in your personal or religious views, or seems to be unusual, unconventional, or unacceptable to you, doesn't give you the right to judge or harass them! They are not infringing upon or violating your civil rights! Times have changed, and so have American citizens' civil rights and liberties! Try finding the "good" in people and accept them the way they are. You cannot alter their genetics or how they were born! Practice acceptance and learn to coexist. LGBTQ+ folks are contributing members of society and are entitled to all basic human rights.

Throughout the years, I have collected a large archive of foot images that I consider "unique" and would like to share them with the world. I have come across a number of very unusual medical cases, some congenital conditions, heredity issues, textbook cases and other situations that have caught my attention as well as other scientists from around the globe.  Myra, Marisol, Patti, Tyler, Reily, and Josie are just a few perfect examples.  I have traveled to many countries and approached ladies from all over the world--with or without my wife or daughter--and asked them to model their feet for this website. I have received mixed reactions and all kinds of responses from people; even on some occasions my intentions have been misconstrued--maybe due to a lack of sufficient information on their part, narrow-mindedness, or ignorance. Unfortunately, some folks overreact when they hear the word "feet" and tend to associate it with something sexual, perverted, or immoral! It is a proven fact that our feet are dirty and do pick up and carry a lot of bacteria. The acrid foot odor is caused by Staphylococcus bacteria that break down the amino acid leucine in our sweat into isovaleric acid, the compound that makes feet stink. Nevertheless, feet are still members of our body and should not be treated with disgust!  On the other hand, a great number of ladies have been very open-minded, unassuming and cooperative about participating in this research project, as clearly evidenced on this website by the number of models from so many walks of life.

Our main goals are:

1) To display close-up images of women's feet--mostly bare feet--and to dispel any stereotype associated with having an interest in feet. They are just another part of the human anatomy and should be treated like our hands, noses, ears, hair, etc. Obviously they are the subject of our research and focus. We all are diverse and different, and that is what makes us so unique. Some of us notice other people's eyes first, or their hair, or figure. Feet are known to secrete pheromones. For many folks, this is considered some type of partialism, as evidenced by the number of sites found on the Internet. It's embedded in some of their 20,000+ genes. Please read the latest research on this subject by Dr. Erica Goodstone.

As it turns out, a fair percentage of the population is drawn to feet but most folks don't think anything sexual of it! In some cases, this trait has either not fully expressed itself or it has been suppressed due to its eccentric nature. Nobody wants to be labeled as a "weirdo." But let us ask you this: Would you be called a weirdo if you paid close attention to other non-sexual, exposed parts of another person's body? (i.e. hair, lips, eyes, hands, etc.) I believe everybody does.  Then, what is so strange about feet?

Feet are actually two of the most essential members of the human body. They carry our weight most of the time and they take us to wherever we want. But most important of all, they contain the sensory neurons that affect many other body organs. The science of reflexology has been practiced for many centuries. Only lately it has become more understood and popular within the western world and is sometimes used in the treatment of various body ailments. This explains why everyone enjoys a good foot massage. There are many health benefits when it comes to a good foot massage. Experts employing acupuncture or acupressure have successfully treated chronic pains such as migraine headaches, backaches, cramps, etc., by targeting certain sensitive nerve endings in the patients' feet.

Obviously, most of us are self-conscious about our feet and try to give these vital members of our body the best treatment. We buy comfortable and attractive shoes. We keep our feet warm and toasty when the temperatures dip. We often adorn our feet with nail polish, anklets, toe rings, tattoos, etc., as a way to express ourselves. No wonder there is a special category in the medical field known as 'Podiatric Medicine' that deals with the ailments of only feet! Our feet certainly deserve special treatment.

2) To promote foot products and to familiarize the consumer with the diversity as well as the advantages of these products. Over the years this has evolved into a great number of links found on our products/links pages, representing a wide variety of services and products for feet.  All links are run for free.

3) Due to the fact that we have the images of so many different models' feet on this site, we believe that we are representing a fair and random sample of the population. That is why our theme is "Everyday Feet." We are hoping to continue to grow larger, and that our website would prove to be a great resource for scientists who are studying various genetic traits, conditions, or ailments of feet. Since we have displayed images of feet from all angles, it would be as if scientists are closely examining hundreds of patients. It is through research and technology that we have gained significant knowledge about our feet and we hope to contribute to it in the process. We hereby invite podiatrists, orthopedists, geneticists, and other scientists who are studying anything pertaining to feet, to closely examine our website. They have our permission to copy, download, print or use these images for their research purposes. They should also feel free to contact us if we could be of any help regarding this matter.  We will be happy to provide them with some scientific data collected over the years.

4) With the computer technology that we have available today we could use a great deal of science to manufacture shoes that are designed for comfort.  The technology is definitely here.  For instance, by calculating the pressure exerted on a shoe, we can create more comfortable footwear.  Pressure, which is
force divided by area, can be easily calculated by dividing the weight force of a model by the area of the sole of the foot pressing against the ground.  The smaller the area, the higher the pressure.  This is why high-heel shoes are so deleterious to women’s feet because most of their weight is concentrated on the front end of their feet over a smaller surface area.  This often leads to misaligned metatarsals and phalanges (bones) resulting in bunions and pinched nerves. Why not use some simple rules of physics to make more medically supportive, comfortable shoes?  How about shoes that exert more pressure on certain pressure points of feet, targeting specifically sensitive nerve endings?

Finally, here is a little synopsis on me.  First off, I come from a family of two medical doctors.  I myself am a graduate of 3 American universities, with a BS, MS, and a Ph.D., which took 12 years of my life all together to accomplish.  I have conducted both basic and applied research in the fields of biochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical, and biological sciences for many years; I have also taught classes in chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, biology, botany, horticulture, and many other science related fields to teenagers as well as adults at middle school, high school, and college levels.  I have two science inventions credited to my name--tools that can help students learn some difficult concepts. I consider myself a scientist because of my extensive science background.  I'm a born educator and a researcher; I just have a knack for teaching and investigation.  Students often say that I have a passion for my subject.  Practically all those ladies who have modeled their feet for this website can attest to the fact that they have learned something from me.  Our interaction usually involves a conversation with them and their companions, and I teach them a few lessons that might save their lives someday.  For example, what should you do if you are stranded in a cabin up on a mountain top with no warm clothes, heater, or logs to burn?  Answer: You can extract "heat" from the motion of the molecules of water, and I can show you how.  How can you survive an avalanche, a tornado, or an earthquake?  How should you cross a frozen lake if you had to, and what should you do if the ice breaks and you fall into frigid waters?  Why can you still get sunburned even when it is cloudy?  What should you do if you are accosted by a stranger who wants to abduct you?  This is just a small sample of what I share with whoever listens, and the list goes on.  My lessons are backed up by scientific reasoning, explanations, and sometimes formulas.  The fact remains that I am a humanist and truly love people. I'm a contributing member of society and what I teach can save lives. I'm also a regular
(3-4 times a year) blood donor.  Each donated pint of blood saves three lives!  Furthermore, I generously support a number of non-profit organizations including Lev Lalev Girls Orphanage in Israel, Megan Meier Foundation against bullying and cyber bullying, a few charter and non-profit schools and universities including my own three alma maters, UCLA Neuro-Oncology Department and Brain Cancer Research Center, and a few others that support human life, animals, nature, and environment.

I teach workshops to teenagers on safe driving.  Kids often think that they are invincible.  They don’t realize that when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle they have a lethal weapon at their hand and that they can get themselves or others hurt or killed if they are careless.  I teach them some basic physics, in this case mechanics, which is the study of objects in motion.  Most non-DUI-related accidents happen as a result of speeding and other distractions (texting, for instance).  When your speed doubles, your kinetic energy (motion energy) quadruples, so you become four times more “lethal” if you run into something or somebody.  Your stopping distance also becomes four times longer.  Take into account these physical factors such as the speed and mass of your vehicle (inertia), the condition of the road, and they can lead to tragedy.  I teach these youngsters some basic rules of physics on moving objects, a few things about Newton's Laws of Motion, the importance of wearing seat belts, etc., and hope that they can remember them when they are behind the wheel, thus becoming scientifically educated, better drivers.  I may have saved thousands of lives in this particular case alone, of my students as well as others on the road, through education.

In addition, I have taught classes to young folks on alcohol and drug abuse and its aftermath.  I show them the chemical formulas of various plant alkaloids and secondary products, hydrocarbons, neurotoxins, and other biological as well as laboratory-synthesized chemicals, and how they can affect their brain and other body organs once they enter their system.  Students are taught the importance of staying healthy and in control of their lives, and to never take any substance unless it is prescribed by their doctor.  They learn that overdose is a relative term.  One may take just one dose of a chemical substance and die instantly, and this is a very serious matter!  Just remember, if YOUR body happens to show an allergic reaction to a particular substance you can die. No buzz is worth risking your life for!

Here's a resource on how to protect your children from online drug dealers and parent's guide to FentanylClick here to find out how people may die from ingesting an ecstasy tablet.  Also read the following testimonial on inhalant abuse among teens:

This website has given me the opportunity to interact with total strangers that I couldn’t have done otherwise.  I have met some very interesting people throughout all these years, interacted with many intelligent, intellectual ladies or their spouses/friends/companions, and I have also learned a great deal from them, all of which have made it worthwhile.  It’s as if these folks are part of our family, and this is why we regard them as our “Website Family” and treat them with respect and reverence.  If a model appears to be a minor, she is being accompanied by parents, guardians, or other responsible adults, and they have given us consent to photograph them.  Except for a sincere hand shake at the end of a photo session, there is no other body or physical contact between the photographer and the model.  All pictures are taken in public places, as seen in practically every gallery.  Venice Beach, CA, in particular, has provided us with a great gene-pool as people from all over the world happen to visit there.  We also have our documents on file with the the State of California Department of Recreation and Parks.

This website has also given me an excuse to reach out to the youth, totally random strangers, and teach them valuable life lessons.  I’m always throwing in a few free science facts that might be useful to them someday. 
The wetting of the feet, for instance, is one of the props I often use to teach them a few lessons in thermodynamics.  Unfortunately and tragically, throughout all these years of teaching I have witnessed the untimely demise of many teenagers and I intend to prevent it as much as I can, via education.  I have grieved and cried at the funerals of young lives tragically cut short in senseless traffic accidents or due to substance abuse.  Therefore, my mission is to reach out to as many young folks as possible and share my knowledge and experience with them so that I can help educate them on these subjects.  They are precious and the future of our fragile planet depends on them.  They are also most vulnerable and must be guided properly.  Let it be known that I'm an advocate for peace, non-violence, human rights, and social justice.  I humbly apologize if this article sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but everything mentioned here is true and reflects my sentiments.

Furthermore, I have created and developed a system for categorizing certain genetic traits and toe patterns in feet, along with extensive statistical and biographical data on most models, all of which are part of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  All I know is that I am doing something very unique that no one else has done!  As an American I'm merely exercising my first amendment.  I am not seeking recognition, fame, or fortune.  This website is something my wife and I own and relish.  It gives us a reason to get up on a day off, get out there, meet a total stranger, and make an impact.  We don’t even think of the money spent on this expensive project because the satisfaction we get far outweighs its expenses.  You may say we're crazy, but I sincerely hope that by reading this long article YOU too have learned something new today!  Better yet, check out some of our links, and you WILL learn something new -- maybe something about yourself that you didn't already know!  

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. - Max Planck

Quantum physics says there exists a universal energy that has the attributes of God. This energy has consciousness and creativity.

We all are mere "star dust."  Click here.  May the mastermind of the universe always be with us all.

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