Summer 2000 - My wife and I met Roxanna in Manhattan Beach, California. She was on roller blades as she approached our table at a cafe near the bike path. She asked us if she could take the extra chair and plopped down on it when we said it was all right. She looked buff, and she was wearing a tank top, tight shorts and knee guards. She had been scooting on those wheels from Santa Monica, about 10 miles to the north. We started a conversation and told her that we would love to add images of her athletic feet to our web site, despite the fact that at the time we couldnít even see them. At first, the 27 year old physical therapist didnít believe us. But when she realized that we were serious, she pondered for a few seconds and decided to cooperate, especially after we mentioned that we would be glad to compensate her for her time. She told us that she would meet us at her apartment in 15 minutes and gave us directions. When we arrived there in our car, she was already waiting for us, still on those blades! So much for LA traffic! We walked inside a cute little studio looking over the ocean. Roxanna removed her knee guards, got off those blades, and took off her socks. She then went to the bathroom and splashed some water on her feet. She came back out, placed a towel over her bed, sat on the edge of the bed, and asked us to shoot away. And we did!