June 2007 – I met Lexi, her older sister Lani, their mother Leesa, and their grandmother on the beach in Kapa’a, Kauai Island, one morning. I had actually met her mother and sister the evening before, and they both had modeled their feet at that time. This time, with Leesa’s permission, I photographed Lexi. As a token of my appreciation to the whole family, I also taught them a few science lessons on the physics of safe driving that should make them more aware while behind the wheel. I taught the girls the importance of not speeding, tailgating, or talking on their cell phones while driving. Kids often think they are invincible and do daring things while driving that can lead to tragedy. My job as an educator and scientist is to make them more aware of the potential dangers inherent to hazardous, reckless driving, and hope that they can remember and apply those scientific rules when they are behind the wheel. We are all governed by the laws of physics while driving, thus being educated about these laws always helps save lives.

Lexi is a mature 15 year-old about to obtain her driver permit. She had an amiable disposition and an enthusiasm for learning, and just like her mother and sister she has size 7 feet. Lexi was an intent student; she listened carefully as I explained my facts, formulas and lessons. Even grandma seemed to have been pleased with what they all learned during our brief interaction that morning. Grandma, however, shied away from my camera. What a fun-loving family, and how fortunate I felt to have met them!